This question usually does not usually get asked of me until a site owner starts to review and wonder what could help their site(s) get more customers.  You have no doubt seen these badges on sites - indicating that they are approved or passed certain standards of trust - or that they are safe and free from virus problems.   While some are free and make some sense - actual surveys and results of those using them on smaller sites vary quite a bit and the general opinion is they may not be worth the trouble - especially if they are several hundred dollars or more a year to have.  If you have a shopping cart application where you can measure how many start to buy something and then abandon the cart, you may be able to better see some possible results but again people often abandon a cart for all sorts of reasons -and surveys are currently showing that trust issues are less a reason than you might suspect.   

  I dislike re-inventing the wheel so rather than go further into this today, I refer you to a good article on the subject written by Bob Rankin, a well known ecommerce and computing writer whom I have read for many years and continue to follow today.  In his site for small business ""  he writes about the trust badge issue. While you are there, you might consider signing up for his newsletter for that site, or his well known "Ask Bob" newsletters - both usually a good source of helpful information.

Looking for Help?

Easy to start Much of the trouble many people run into is due to the many types of software available, different hosting packages, different ways of handling email campaigns, customer data, and more.  Many articles have been written on just the subject of measuring the traffic coming to your site, and more on how to place advertising and to get better results with the dark mystery subject of SEO.  Let Profit Blog Digest pick through the piles of information and put some of the best together for you. 


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Native RTL SupportA successful profit making blog is a mixture of many components.  Profit Blog Digest can give you the information that could help you pick the correct pieces for each section to make your ideas work on your site. If you don't have a site started - we can help you sort the pieces so that you waste less time and money getting your site going. 


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