Email Picture     No matter what form of business your site takes – encouraging your site’s viewers to register on your site, using their email address, or to at least enter an email address in order to get newsletters, mailings, free ebook or other “gift” is important for you on several levels.  In keeping the email addresses you have folks you can send updates about your products or services, people that hopefully will welcome your email about new things and are already interested (hopefully) in what you have to share with them. That is worth a lot to your efforts. 

Secondly – tracking when and how many email signups you received gives you some insight on your marketing methods. If you have changed your advertising such as an ad session with FaceBook – you can hope to see some results in how many folks have signed up.   If you have full monitoring on your pages, you can even see how many times the sign up page for your email was visited – and compare that to how many new emails were actually entered.  Think of the ratio of actual sign ups to the visitor count as a quality measurement.  Depending on your product, your sign up page and the way you ask for their email address – you will be able to see if you get more results.


Picture of Spam folder     This is a good spot to say none of us want spam. If you send email to someone that did not ask for it or give you their contact information – that is spamming.  So the best type of email contacts to mail to are those golden ones where someone has asked for you to send them something already.  You can also buy pre-qualified leads – and mail to them. These are folks that have already agreed to particular offers and may be better quality returns  than just random emails. But either way when you mail to someone be sure you offer a way for them to opt-out of your mailings easily. There are specific legal requirements to meet. 

     This is why we recommend that either at the start – or very quickly thereafter, you look into using a mail service such as AWEBER or MAILCHIMP.  Most such services let you choose from various professional looking formats, then manage your mailings to all of your list (or lists) and helps report the results, the bounces, the various statistics about the operation of your email – a big part of most profit web sites.   When you see how reasonable the rates of some of the email services are – and what you get in return  - you may agree that even with smaller numbers of email addresses to deal with, a professional email service can give you an edge and save you much in the way of time and guess work.  Having the proper tools to analyze the results, manage the lists and control the mailings will make this part of your work so much easier.

     Part of the difficulty most of us face either when first starting or even with some well aged sites is we have no way to see how good we are doing.  I have yet to see some tool that tells us how close to 100% effective we are doing at any given time.  You may have built your blog up to making 500 dollars a month and are patting your self on the back. Yet your particular idea, marketing, advertising and website combination might be well capable of many times more income.

    I will tell you over and over – that this type of work is not a “get rich quick plan” and that most of us can make something from our work.  If your site really goes well and you have all your ducks in a row, you could make very serious money.  This top 50 list of profit blogs has many that are making more than a thousand dollars a day.  The lower end of the 50 is making for the current month, $37 dollars a day.  That may not be get rich money - but its 1110 dollars a month and depending on how you do your site - could be a good second income. Lets get real - even if you only get a few dollars a day - you will be making extra money - doing something probably like and want to do, and will have fun watching the money add up - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - even while you drive to the store for burgers.  With good low cost hosting and free site software your monthly expenses are just a few dollars. Even with professional mail systems on the job - its under a dollar a day for the smaller operators.

   I will say again though that its not a get rich quick business. Pat Flynn - one of the great examples of hard work paying off I will tell you more about soon - Pat went months before he could see an income worth talking about - and if he had not planned ahead, working on his site while keeping his job as long as he could, and saving then using his savings wisely - he would have likely failed.  However he learned, he tried things, he saw what worked and who had done good with their sites and adapted as he went. His current articles about his site earnings shows Gross Total in April: $89,422.44.   He even breaks it all down to show how it all was added up, with half or more of that being from commissions on affiliate advertising.

    Now again please see that your results will vary - you could make more - but are far more likely to make less.  Pat has worked very hard and is sharing probably everything he has learned along the way. Great of him to be so open and helpful -and there are many others who are sharing their skills over the net - and some of course making money by doing that. Yes of course I have some advertising up and do get affiliate income from sites I recommend and when you click on them and spend something - a tiny bit of that comes back to me.  Its a good example of how to make your profit blog based on what information you can share.

   Even if you do not charge for the information, you can make money by the advertising on your site, and the more good you do - the more people will come and check it all out, and that translates into increased income from the ads.  The tricks of course have to do with how you do it, how you get folks to come to your site, how you treat them while there and so on.  So - while some fly by night sites sell you something you never need again and the fad fades out and the site closes - a good information site - whether it is about gardening or plumbing or fixing your computer - will have a good chance of keeping an income stream going - if you nourish it and take care of it properly. You can, on many sites, get to where you don't have to do much to keep them going - but if you want to build on what you have and be sure your product remains top notch - it does take work.  

   Most of the folks with the top money sites did not expect that this internet thing would work - and when it did, were surprised. Some will tell you how excited they were to see the first few dollars show up. It is fun to put an ad on your site, and then see when someone clicked it and you made a even a few cents. Many of big money folks started the same way you or I did – and had to sift through the various ways of working and the tools to work with.  However they will be the first to tell you to learn from their mistakes, get all the information you can on each piece of the puzzle that s a profit blog – and of course – having a good source of information like the Profit Blog Digest can be a real help.  Stay with us as we add more and more resources and show you more week – and learn with us how to better your site. 

by Mike Nichols

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Easy to start Much of the trouble many people run into is due to the many types of software available, different hosting packages, different ways of handling email campaigns, customer data, and more.  Many articles have been written on just the subject of measuring the traffic coming to your site, and more on how to place advertising and to get better results with the dark mystery subject of SEO.  Let Profit Blog Digest pick through the piles of information and put some of the best together for you. 


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