Yes, yawn...  another get rich site...ho hum. 

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    Let me tell you about the real person behind this site. It is not run by a giant advertising firm, or by someone wanting to sell you ebooks for $$. As strange as it may sound it is really a help site for those who are trying to make a honest income from their own online work.

   I plan to focus on the free tools available and only suggest the more expensive methods when they are going to pay off for you. I believe I can offer this advice and help to you here online at no charge.

   Then a newsletter where we can see the new ideas and examples as they come out and as we learn more - just click here to sign up - no charge and I won't sell your email addresses either. 

   I started my first webpages over two decades ago, and have currently over 100 sites going - not a real big deal as most of these are for pet projects of mine or for my past customers and clients.  I recently started slowing down my own work in my little one many shop - generally fixing computers with a few odd programming jobs and have been focusing more on work I can do sitting down as an old back injury is slowing me down more each year.

   I had a few ads on some of my sites and was not really seeing any livable income from them. I think after several years I got a check for 20 or 30 dollars in commissions from various ads with a major banner ad program and a few dollars showing on my amazon links. While this is fun to see come in as it was little real work to get it, it would not pay the bills.

   I started into the maze of SEO - search engine optimization of a website - and got some smarts about how it works - and its not like it used to be. I started looking for articles about those who were making good money off of their websites - and how they are doing it - and found there are lots of ways, lots of tips, methods, things to do and things to not do - and where to get help. Where to get hosting for this or that type of site. Lots of details and its very confusing to most of us.  We dive in and see a glimmer at the end of the tunnel - but without a guide or list its hard to put it all to use in the best fashion.  For that matter, how to watch and quantify your site and its changes is a whole subject section we will have here - as it can get a bit complicated too.

    I want to let you know right off that I am trying some of these methods on several of my sites as we go along and hope to share the good and the bad about each as I learn.  When I find a good article from someone else's site - I will send you there. I do not want to copy, steal or borrow any work done by others - but will point out that most of the successful folks in this work have copied some from others - we all work together to learn and add to others learning.  The end product is a constantly changing and growing digest of links, stories, places to get help from, and so much more.  If you have a good experience or bad, let us know and we will try to use it in a future story here, even if its bad information - if you used a particular method or program and it did you wrong we want to know about it so that we can share that with everyone. 

   So - welcome to the blog profit digest - or profit blog digest - which ever you prefer. We are just getting started but the ride will be fun and educational. Best wishes and I hope the information here will help you find a working way to monetize your web work, and then next to maximize that income. There are many folks making good incomes from their work online, from proper use of their websites, their knowledge and advertising know-how.  It takes work - and if you apply yourself and pick a subject or product you can do good with - you should be able to sit back and take it easy part of the time - knowing your site is making you money as you sit watching a movie, drive the car to the hamburger joint, or even take that vacation you have been putting off.  Internet blog profit is not a get rich quick no work scheme, but if you do it right you can make serious money from it -   many smaller blogs make several thousand a month - and the better ones make more than that each day.  Check this link for some examples. 

J M Nichols  



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