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There are many thousands of sites about making money from a blog. Most of them want your email so they can drown with mail. PBD finds the best resources & articles on how to be successful with your blog site.  In our newsletter we will do our best to put only things you need & to be helpful.  The purpose of PBD is to give you the cream of the crop - and links to good helpful information on the best sites we find - all in one place. We will not share your email address & you can stop the our mailings with a few clicks near the bottom of the emails.

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Make Your Hobby Pay

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My craft blog makes a surprising amount of income and I enjoy helping others. You may have some idea you can sell online, be helpful to others and make money at the same time. 

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Build Your Existing Business

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With and existing business on the ground you can blog about your services or products and possibly offer them to a much wider audience online. Not a product you can ship? Your blog can still make some income from your onsite advertising and possibly help build local sales. Many smart phones searching Google or Bing will get local businesses listed first - and some can show maps to your physical location. 


Welcome To Profit Blog Digest!

We know you have many choices online for information to help you build your site or blog - and we appreciate that you are choosing us.

   Getting the most audience and hopefully the most profit from your Blog or website is a real puzzle these days.  If you want to succeed with your online work, you need to be more than just familiar with the subject or product you are working with.  You have to be knowledgeable on email marketing, search engine optimization, advertising techniques, web hosting, web or blog software packages and more!  And then you need to keep up to date on those subjects as we have seen them change fairly often in the online world.

  Some places try to help you by putting all the right pieces together for you - but are they really the right parts to your particular puzzle? Keep in mind also that most of the folks trying to help are also trying to help themselves to your money at the same time.  So, it is wise to look a bit, to check with others and see what they did that worked or didn't.  
  Yes even the mistakes others have made are important - as we can all learn from them.  In this newsletter and in our website both we will try to report some "what not to do" types of advice as well as those about what to do.  We will analyze the mistakes and see what could have been done differently. 
  Part of what makes this particular work a real challenge is how we try to manage it, and how we measure our success.  If you go at this with the idea it would be nice to make an extra hundred or two a week and find yourself making 300 a week, you might think you did well.  However depending on what you have to offer, how you market it, how you advertise for others on your site and how you promote you site - you might find others that are doing 10 times more per week than you are. On the other hand if your market is saturated and thousands of sites are selling what you are trying to sell - you might be lucky to be found at all.  

   So we need to be able to measure what your site is really doing - and then see what the improvement is when you try new changes in your site or the marketing of it. We need to see how much competition you have - to see what your chances of success could be, and perhaps shift your marketing to try to better fit a niche in the sales or marketing that is where you can start to show some real improvement.

   Before we go further, lets clarify this - you are selling something - even if you are not.  No, that is not double talk - but you need to be clear about this - even if you don't want to make a dime from your site. You are "selling" the site itself - marketing it to try to get a larger audience, more visitors, more comments, or more entries in your contest.  Whatever it is - you need to have the good tools for your site and the ways to drive traffic to it.  If you are giving away an ebook or newsletter - you are still selling something - but its price is $0.00 to the customers.  You could be making money from affiliate advertising, or market advertising from Google - to pay for your efforts to get the free ideas, ebooks, or newsletters to the folks who need them.  You could be selling a physical product - and still make additional money recommending other firms with your comments or ads on your site. Whether you are selling t-shirts or giving away instructions on how to improve someone's website - you need to go about it with a plan and realize you are selling something.  Today with millions of sites on the Internet and so much to tie up someones time, they will not be very likely to find your information or product if you don't take time to learn how to best promote it and present it so it can be found. Keep in mind that once you are found, for most business models, you still need to offer something that can keep the viewer's attention, and in many cases you want them to come back for more later.  Yes it is a lot to consider - and far from just "I need a website to sell my widgets" if you want to be good at selling them.  We at Profit Blog Digest hope to help you with this - and of course hope you will remember our site and come back from time to time. We hope you will also share your experiences - good or bad - with us so we can share them with the others. Sign up for our mailing list to get started today!

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Looking for Help?

Easy to start Much of the trouble many people run into is due to the many types of software available, different hosting packages, different ways of handling email campaigns, customer data, and more.  Many articles have been written on just the subject of measuring the traffic coming to your site, and more on how to place advertising and to get better results with the dark mystery subject of SEO.  Let Profit Blog Digest pick through the piles of information and put some of the best together for you. 


We Can Help You With The Puzzle!

Native RTL SupportA successful profit making blog is a mixture of many components.  Profit Blog Digest can give you the information that could help you pick the correct pieces for each section to make your ideas work on your site. If you don't have a site started - we can help you sort the pieces so that you waste less time and money getting your site going. 


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